Process/Utility Piping

Carbon Piping

From boilers to chilled water, SMSI can provide any type of process piping to complete your carbon steel needs. Our experienced technicians have a long history of custom design and installation ranging from condensate, steam, and catwalks to frames, hand rails, and platforms.

Sanitary Stainless

We offer unparalleled fabrication and installation for all things stainless. With extensive background and knowledge in sanitary processes, we have history with dairy, food and drug, brewery, CIP, and custom built stainless applications.

Certified Boiler Repair

SMSI was the first R Stamp certified boiler organization in Springfield MO. We continue to maintain our dedication and know-how for comprehensive professional boilers services, including cleaning, tuning, repair, installation, demolition, pressure, and heat exchanging.



  • Comprehensive installs including milk filler rooms, steam, nitrogen, air, water, flow panels and custom implementations.
  • Fully loaded fleet and technicians, availability for overnight emergencies, digital dispatching and on-site reporting.
  • 45 years of combined experience in the sanitary stainless and piping world insures top talent availability for projects.
  • Specialized boiler solutions such as tube rolling, replacement, scale removal, insulation, refractory repair and more.