HVAC Services

We have been servicing commercial and industrial HVAC systems for over 25 years, and have the knowledge to install, operate, and repair any type of system. Our experience means that problems will be identified and resolved swiftly and exemplary.

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Building Automation

Building Automation is the next frontier in energy management. By combining technical innovations with existing building infrastructure, we create the ability to manage your buildings with an intuitive, seamless, cross-platform system. Produce incredible energy savings. Maximize occupant comfort. Take your building management to the next level.

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Mechanical Design/Build

Our management and design staff, coupled with field craftsmen and experienced technicians allow SMSI to offer comprehensive solutions for every mechanical aspect of your facility’s design and build.

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Process/Utility Piping

From boilers to chilled water, SMSI can provide any type of process piping to complete your carbon steel needs. Our experienced technicians have a long history of custom design and installation ranging from condensate, steam, and catwalks to frames, hand rails, and platforms.

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Ammonia Services

SMSI is able to design and install ammonia systems from the ground up, as well as remodels, liquid overfeed, single and two stage, DX, and site surveys. Our team is ASME and R Stamp certified for complete coverage.

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